We provide
Industrial Inspection services
in Norway.

Providing TPI, Expediting, Production Monitoring and Audits.

We have
Local inspectors.

Our inspectors are located in Stavanger, Bergen, Trondheim, Oslo and Gothenburg. Covering all Norway and Nordic Countries.

Our inspectors have
Certified competences.



We Provide a Wide Range of Business Services


Third Party Inspections.

Our inspectors are ready for your assignment, short and long term, representing your interest making sure that your instructions are followed, reporting in detail and on time.


Business Intelligence.

The GSOI expeditors create a good relation with vendors, obtaining detailed information regarding the status of your project at different stages.


Risk/Reliability Assessments.

GSOI provides custom made risk assessments including reliability assessments for electromechanical equipment, components and machinery. Supported by monitoring and follow up on site.



Our Lead Auditors examine vendor's processes based on ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 19011-2002. Providing an independent report on these records according to our customer requirements.


Production Monitoring.

The GSOI inspectors witness and document the manufacturing process. You will receive a periodical reports on demand, regarding quality and completion status or your material, giving you the overview of the entire process.

About Us

GSOI provides affordable field engineering solutions.

We can provides affordable field engineering solutions for your inspection needs in the Oil & Gas and renewable energy industry.
Located in Stavanger, the oil capital of the North Sea. We offer an independent solution for your business, from FAT, FI, PPM, PIM, Surveillance, Expediting to Offshore survey.


We act with honesty, transparency, and ethics in all our interactions with clients, manufacturers, partners, and employees.

Service Quality:

Services for the satisfaction of each project. Our team consists of experienced professionals specialized in technical inspections.


Our team is dedicated to performing their work competently. We act diligently and respect all parties involved in our projects.


We are committed to conducting impartial and objective assessments in our technical inspections.


We constantly seek new ways to improve and optimize our technical inspections, training our staff with innovative tools and methodologies.

Our Mission

Provide a professional independent inspection services in order to achieve total customer and stakeholder satisfaction. We strive for excellence in project development, adhering to the required quality and performance standards. By delivering accurate and reliable technical inspection services, leveraging our industry knowledge and expertise, we ensure that materials and equipment used in projects meet technical requirements and established regulations.

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Recent Inspections

We provide independent, impartial third party inspection services to companies operating within the oil and gas, valve, power generation and chemical industries in Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Iceland and Finland.


Coating inspection,


FAT of Subsea Tool Basket,


FAT of Fire & Gas System,